Green Ties

Green Ties joined the college in September 2010. They are divided into seven tutor groups and their tutors are based in the Science, Technology & Psychology departments.



Thursday 29th January: Parents Evening

Saturday 7th February: MFL Revision Sessions

Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th April: English Revision at Wimbledon

Monday 22nd - Thursday 25th June: Geography Fieldwork



See photos from our time at EBC by clicking the links below

Green Ties (2010-11) Photo Gallery

 Osmington Bay (2011) Photo Gallery

BBC News School Report Day 2013

Wandsworth Young Chef Heat 2014



Head of Year Ms C. McCluskey
Vice-Principal Mr M. Weatherhead
Deputy Head of Year Ms S. Schardsmidt


Room 11

Mr A. Bailey (Tutor)

Ms S. Munday (Assistant Tutor)


Room 32

Mr J. Newman (Tutor)

Mr M. Laher (Assistant Tutor)


Room 31

Ms S. Schardsmidt (Tutor)

Mr D. Ikpoh (Assistant Tutor)


Room 27

Ms S. Gardiner (Tutor)

Mr S. Young (Assistant Tutor)


Room 35

Ms S. Carr (Tutor)

 (Assistant Tutor)


Room 101

Mr A. McNeill (Tutor)

Ms V. Sivasankaran (Assistant Tutor)


Room 9

Mr B. Compton (Tutor)

Ms M. Thornton (Assistant Tutor)


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